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Message From The Founders Of BOMASENSE

BOMASENSE Organic Skin Care grew out of our clinical experience with patient care at our health center, BOMAMED, based out of Southern California, and established in 1996.

We are a husband and wife team, practicing an integrated method of Classical Chinese medicine and Western alternative medicine. Our specialty is treating auto-immune disorders, most specifically, Interstitial Cystitis. We have been helping people local to the clinic and around the world regain their health with our unique methods for 25 years.

Treating auto-immune disorders can be quite challenging, and we learned quite early in our practice that what we place on our skin and hair affects our bodies in much the same way as if we ingested those same ingredients by mouth. We would notice that the skin and hair care products our patients were using were interfering with their treatment process.

After experimenting with many different products available at that time, we became more and more frustrated as we correlated higher pain levels and symptoms with the various products our patients were using, even among the most natural brands. Natural does not always mean neutral. Even for those of you already blessed with great health, may unknowingly become affected in this same way, especially with anti-aging products, which, in our opinion are formulated in a much too aggressive manner for long-term, continued health.

This is important for people to understand. Natural ingredients have effects just as all things do. To be be synergistic and neutral in the body, one must put ingredients together in a particular way. As our frustration grew, we began to formulate our own line of clean products that would not interrupt our patient care. Ultimately, we established BOMASENSE in 2002 and have used it on our patients, friends, family, and pets (shampoo, conditioner, and salve ;) ) ever since. We have spent the last 2 years making the most of this dark and silent time, improving upon and expanding our product line.

You can use BOMASENSE knowing it has been specially formulated to work with your whole body health. It is a unique and professional skin care product line using 90% USDA certified organic, Wildcrafted and 100% natural food grade ingredients. All of our extractions are hand made at our lab by BOMASENSE staff. BOMASENSE skin care formulas meet strict quality control measures, and never using toxic fillers, chemical preservatives, or any other synthetic ingredient and we are 100% cruelty free-absolutely NO ANIMAL testing and VEGAN.

We have put all of our love, thought, and experience into our products, and because we love them,
we know you will too!

BOMASENSE, designed for health. 
What you won't feel, IS the difference!

Matia Brizman Ph.D., L.,Ac. and Boaz Brizman M.T.O.M. L.,Ac.,

*Disclaimer: This information is presented for educational purposes only and is of an editorial nature.These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.