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"Healthy hair starts with what we eat and how we take care of ourselves. However, even the most problematic hair, damaged by difficulties with health, or over-processing can receive some extra TLC and look and feel like you just left the salon. As the primary designer of these products, I can share with you my own personal struggles with my hair due to, long ago serious health issues compounded by years of dying (even with natural dyes) blow drying and ironing. Developing the ultimate line of hair care has been really important for me because I use it every day, as do my two daughters and of course, my husband. We all have very different kinds of hair and throughout the years, we became great testers for our products. My goal was to eliminate the need to use product after shampoo and conditioning. The shampoos and conditioners have changed many times over the years ever so slightly, and now, we feel that our shampoos and conditioners have exceeded our expectations."

Dr. Matia Brizman

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