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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Best age to start anti-aging products?

A: Generally speaking, starting in your early 20s and taking preventative steps in your early 20s is the best way to keep your skin and hair aging gracefully. More than that, if you are nourishing your body with healthy ingredients in addition to the work that it is doing on the outside, by not giving your body toxic chemicals or poorly combined ingredients you will look younger naturally from the inside out!



Q: Are BOMASENSE products vegan?
A: We at BOMASENSE are lovers of all living beings and our environment. BOMASENSE organic skin care products are vegan except for the lip balms and the salves which contain beeswax, but these can be made with Candelilla wax and or Carnauba wax upon requests.


Q: My skin and body react to everything, can I use BOMASENSE skin care products?

A: BOMASENSE is an autoimmune friendly organic skin and hair care brand designed by husband and wife Boaz, L.Ac. and Matia Brizman, L.Ac., Ph.D. who have been working in the fiend or natural medicine for autoimmune diseases for 30 years. These products grew out of their need to provide their patients with safe and effective skin and hair care. No other brand has been designed with these unique concepts.  However, if you have a unique allergy and that ingredient is in a product that you would like to use, we will create a custom blend JUST FOR YOU !  




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