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  • Apr 18th 2024


    Have you ever noticed how many times you have to click here and click there when you are looking at a product on line. Have you noticed that there are active ingredients and other ingredients and many…

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  • Feb 8th 2024

    The Treatment Of "Mystery Illness"

    The past week, in speaking to patients we have had over the years, I am reminded of something that I myself went through years ago early on in my health journey.I had lost what I viewed as my healthy…

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  • Jan 31st 2024


    How many times have you heard, "we don't know what this is exactly. All of your blood tests show normal", or, "these things just happen sometimes, we don't know why", or "these things happen from stre…

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  • Jan 15th 2024


    BOMASENSE grew out of the very important work that began over three decades ago. The story of how illness overcame the life of the the then young Matia Brizman and how it diverted her life to the worl…

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  • Jan 10th 2024

    Pain Killers, Good For The Pain?

    Did you know that using pain killers to address the pain that one has from #interstitialcystitis and other #chronicillness will almost always worsen the underlying mechanism causing the condition in t…

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  • Dec 18th 2023

    Low In Vitamins and Minerals?

    Did you know that just because you are low in a certain vitamin or mineral, supplementing with it is not always a good idea and will not necessarily make you eel better. It could actually make you fee…

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  • Dec 6th 2023


    Did you know that bleach is one of the most toxic ingredients to the body subjecting one's health to an increased risk of colon and bladder cancer?If you use this in your household, EVEN if…

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