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My products are organic, so they must be safe, right?

Jan 16th 2024

Just because your products are organic, it definitely does not mean that they are safe for your chronic inflammatory condition, most especially not IC. 

I highly recommend turning your organic products around and examining the labels and looking up the ingredients on them. Commonly the product is listed as organic because, yes, there are many organic ingredients, and this is great, but then they add in all kinds of other ingredients that are used to enhance texture, color, smell and preservation, etc... and then suddenly the value of the organic nature of the product is tremendously diminished.

Furthermore, a deeper understanding of how ingredients interact with the process that drives the inflammatory process is critical when making choices in the production of a product. Many ingredients that are considered healthy may be healthy for some while not at all healthy for others. Many organic, healthy ingredients are capable of greatly feeding the inflammation going on in one's body.

At BOMASENSE, we have 30 years of experience with chronic inflammatory disorders. We created these products to serve our patients better and now, after all of these years, these products are available to all those needing truly healthy skin and hair care. 

Dr. Matia Brizman

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