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  • Dec 4th 2023

    Citric Acid

    Did you know that citric acid in your products, although at some point in the past was derived from actual citrus, is made from mold. This is a less expensive way to continue the production. When buyi…

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  • Metaphor for Chronic Conditions

    Nov 17th 2023

    Metaphor for Chronic Conditions

    It is not coincidence or bad luck that those who have one chronic health condition typically have more than only the one. This image depicts a visual metaphor for the model we use at BOMAMED htt…

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  • Nov 15th 2023

    Why Is BOMASENSE Autoimmune Friendly?

    The reason we say that BOMASENSE brand is autoimmune friendly is because our brand was specifically designed for our patients early in our practice when we began to fully understand the impact that ev…

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  • Feb 15th 2014


    We believe the products you use should be as pure and natural as the food you eat. We invite you to view our Youtube videos discussing the story behind the beginning of our clinic and further discuss…

    Published by Matia Brizman, L.Ac., Ph.D.

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